What is ADHD disease originate from?

No one knows for sure. ADHD probably stems from interactions between genes and environmental or non-genetic factors. British scientists have discovered the disease lack of attention and the hyperactive children (ADHD) is a disease caused by a genetic disorder.

The report published in the journal Lancet of out latest said scientists at the University of Cardiff (UK) have conducted sweeps map the genomes of more than 1,400 children and found the DNA in these children with ADHD often occurs a deficiency or the anomalies in process of reproduction compared to normal children.

What is ADHD disease originate from - 1

What is ADHD disease originate from – 1

This is the first time scientists have found direct evidence of the relationship between genetic factors and ADHD patients.

Scientist Annie Tapal, from University of Cardiff, in charge of the research group said the research results have shown that ADHD is a disease caused by a genetic disorder, which causes the brain development of children who suffer from ADHD appears the anomalies than other normal children.

According to statistics, there are now about 3-5% of children with ADHD risk, including the rate of boys is higher than girls.

Previous studies have yet to identify the disease causes ADHD. Some experts argue that ADHD causes related to routine education of parents or related to the bad habits of eating.

Among the non-genetic factors that may increase a child’s risk for developing ADHD are:

  • Smoking or drinking during pregnancy
  • Birth complications or very low birth weight
  • Exposure to lead or other toxic substances
  • Extreme neglect, abuse, or social deprivation.
  • Food additives like artificial coloring, which might make hyperactivity worse.
What is ADHD disease originate from - 2

What is ADHD disease originate from – 2

Currently, ADHD patients still have no effective treatment, common measures to control the disease are based mainly on drug or limiting behavior of the affected people.

Scientist Annie Tapal said research on the critical sense help the scientific study of new drug treatment for ADHD, thereby finding out is the most effective treatment approach.

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