Some useful treatments for ADHD kids

In recent years, the number of ADHD kids has trend to increase dramatically. Through this article we sincerely bring you some outstanding and effective methods of treatments for the ADHD children.

  1. Medical treatments
  2. Behavioral treatments
  3. Treatments from family and school for ADHD kids
  1. Medical treatments

The study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 6% of America children take medication when dealing with ADHD. Kids from 6 to 12 years old use this treatment most regularly. The ADHD parents can use the medical treatments to control the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity as impulsivity, inattention or hyperactivity. The medication can improve the concentration ability of the young ADHD. The children can improve their school performance, relationships and their behavior problems. However, the medication cannot solve the issues completely or rub out all symptoms of ADHD. During the medication treating process, children must be closely watched. The regular meeting and check from the doctor are crucial in order to ensure that kids are treated with the right drugs. There are 2 effective choices for the ADHD parents:

  • Stimulants: The popular drugs of stimulants are Adderall or Dexedrine Concerta, Metadate CD, or Ritalin.

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This is the most common type of medication treatments for ADHD children because they are serving effectively for ADHD patients of all ages. Furthermore, stimulants are said to work usefully to increase the dopamine levels of brain. (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter controlling the enthusiasm, enjoyment, inattention and movement ability of people).

The experts divide the stimulants into two big groups: the short-acting and long-acting stimulants. The short one can work after several hours and the ADHD kids have to use it two or three time per day. In contrast, the long-acting stimulant is used once a day and the effectiveness can last for 8-12 hours. The ADHD parents often choose the long-acting stimulant because of their conveniences.

Despite their positive impacts on ADHD kids health, stimulants still cause some side effects as depression, racing heartbeat, sleeping issues or headaches…

There are some important facts about medication treatments that the ADHD parents should pay attention to:

  • Medication works differently for different people. Some people can get the impressive improvement when using medicines while some can have bad reaction to the drugs. Hence, the parents of ADHD kids should meet the doctor and gain some advice before using this treatment.
  • ADHD parents should combine medication with other treatments to have better improvement for their kids.
  • Medication treatments should be regularly monitored. The doctor of ADHD kids must guard the feeling and reaction of their patients to make certain that no side effect can have harmful impact on the ADHD children’s health.
  • The ADHD children do not have to be loyal to this treatment forever. If things go wrong or the drugs have no positive impacts, the children with ADHD can give up the treatments with medication. Nevertheless, their doctor should be aware of this decision so that they can have other sound advice to their condition.
  • Non-stimulants: atomoxetine (Strattera), Clonidine ER (kapvay) and Guanfacine ER.

ADHD kids-medication

The common non-stimulant medicines are atomoxetine, clonidine and guanfacine. The non-stimulants have impact on some certain areas of brain to lower distractibility; improve the memory and attention of ADHD young patients. When using non-stimulants, the ADHD children can avoid the agitation, awakeness or addiction. These drugs can have a longer and smoother effect than the stimulants.

Like stimulants, the users of non-stimulant should notice that ADHD kids with high-blood pressure should have the special treatments following the exact guides of doctor.

2. Behavioral treatments

The behavioral treatments have been used for such a long time with the outstanding success to ADHD kids . The kids can manage their disruptive behavior, inattention as well as their learning performance at school. An expert in behavioral treatments for ADHD young people- Dr. William Pelham, have proclaimed 5 effective treatments:

  • Cognitive-behavioral interventions
  • Clinical behavioral therapy
  • Direct contingency management
  • Intensive behavioral treatments
  • The combination of behavioral and pharmacological treatments

Cognitive-behavioral interventions

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The purpose of this form of treatment is to teach behavioral self-control through self-instruction words, the problem-solving strategies, cognitive patterns, self-examination, self-assessment, self-improvement and other strategic. Typically, a therapeutic response to a customer once or twice a week in an effort to teach customers through modeling, role playing and practice cognitive strategies, that person can use used to control the behavior inattention and impulsivity her. As a simple example, a child can be taught to say “stop” to himself when he was about to call out in class. Children with ADHD may seem to lack the internal signals and so people think that teaching them such signs would be helpful. While the CBI was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s for the treatments of ADHD, its popularity has waned in the absence of strong research to support its effectiveness.

Clinical behavioral therapy (CBT)

The purpose of this form of behavioral treatment is usually to train parents, teachers or other caregivers to perform preventive management programs for children. Parents often attend the parent training program where they are given assigned readings and technical guidance standard behavior. CBT therapists regularly work with teachers in a training model for strategic consulting to application behavior in the classroom.

Preventive Management (CM)

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Preventive management is a behavioral treatment involving a more intensive program of behavioral change. Normally this type of program is done at a specialized treatment facility or specialized classes. The techniques used in this program include the economy card set to encourage specific behaviors through the use of rewards and consequences of child collected, time out, the cost of meeting and accurate response to teacher behavior through attention, and reprimands or lose benefits.

Treatments intensive behavior

The focus of treatment is to conduct intensive combination of behavioral therapy and clinical project management in an intensive program to improve self-control and social. ADHD kids attending treatment programs of children’s summer was designed by William Pelham (1997), for example, to attend a program of eight weeks for nine hours a day. The children can take part in the summer camp and work in group of twelve. The children will work like this in 2 day. Children’s progress is monitored and rewarded at home by their parents, who attended the class how to apply behavior management at home.

Combined pharmacological and behavioral interventions

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This form of treatment is focused on using a combination of drugs and behavioral therapy. The children with ADHD have some significant positive impacts from the combination of medication and behavioral therapy. With the addition of these drugs, the components of behavior therapy can be scaled down, thereby decreasing the amount of time parents and teachers need to spend on shaping behavior. The dosage of the drug can be cut down for children using a combined approach. Parents have the knowledge about the use of behavioral therapies can be applied such treatment in time when children do not take drugs (for example, in the evening for drug users stimulants).

3. Treatments from family and school for ADHD kids

At home

ADHD kids

The parents can have positive impacts on the health of their ADHD children by the activities at home. First of all, the exercise can begin the treating process. Exercise is the easiest and most effective way to decrease the symptoms of ADHD kids. The parents of ADHD kids should together do exercise with their kids every day. The body movements as dance, sports, gymnastics or martial arts are absolutely good for the ADHD kids. In particular, the parents should choose the group sports to bring their children more chance to interact with peers and keep them excited and interested in the activities.

Sleep is another good way to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. The ADHD kids  often meet problems with the night sleep due to the stimulant medicine. They can be awake in the whole night or doze a few hours every night. Therefore, the parents should have close attention to the sleep of their children and react immediately to solve the problems. They can help to improve the quality of the sleep by setting an exact bedtime for their children and strictly enforce their children with this sleeping plan. No sound should be made when the kids fall asleep. The parents should turn all the electronics as TV, mobile phone, or fan and any sound machines to give their children the most quite time for sleep.

ADHD kids

Last but not least, the nutrition can be of great help to cut down ADHD symptoms. The kids with ADHD are always lack of some certain substances as zinc, iron and magnesium. The quantity of these minerals in ADHD body is always low. The parents should boost these levels to control most effectively for ADHD symptoms. The food with the high percent of these substances should be the first choice. It is said that these substances can work as effectively as the stimulants medication for ADHD young people. Moreover, the children should be added with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 can improve the hyperactivity and concentration ability of kids. It can be found in some foods as seafood, fortified eggs and milk products. The parents might meet less difficulty to help their children with this treatment.

At school

There is no way that the doctors can predict the best medication for a kid without monitoring him carefully. Therefore, the teachers who have the long time interaction with the ADHD kids should join hands. The teachers have observed the kids during the time at school when the brain is affected by the medicines, hence they can report the effects of the medication and somehow assess and describe the effects of medication treatments.

The medicines with the short acting impacts can be showed when the children are at school. Then, teachers should be the one who note the important information about the reaction as the children’s behavior symptoms.

More importantly, the teachers can give the doctors and parents of ADHD children about their academic performances and the relationships between ADHD kids and their friends or teachers. This information is valuable for the whole treating process for an ADHD child.

ADHD kids

The teachers and school can help their ADHD students to overcome their sickness also. They firstly should be aware of medicines that their students use as the name of the medicines, the time, the unexpected impacts and the extra instructions to deal with the emergency.

Nevertheless, each type of treatment has their own effectiveness in helping ADHD children dealing with ADHD as well as some drawbacks. No treatment is proved to work successfully over the long term. Hence, the ADHD children need their parents, doctors and the teachers of the ADHD children together to deal with ADHD. 

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