Treatment of ADHD syndrome

The family has a crucial role in the treatment of ADHD. As recommended experts, parents should be ready to give up, change and adjust the way of thinking, lifestyle, habits… not appropriate for children with ADHD symptoms (e.g, autocratic, authoritarian, etc…); absolute compliance with the instruction, the training of doctors, the behavioral therapist, and educational psychology.

To the expert, cannot “treat stereotyping” for all children with ADHD symptoms. Because each patient has derived various points about developing physical, mental, family situation … should the personalization tactics that ADHD treatment for each patient is essential to most results treating ADHD.

Treatment of ADHD syndrome - 1

Treatment of ADHD syndrome – 1


  1. Principles of treatment

The goal of treatment is to improve the relationship of the child within the family as well as outside society and school performance of children in school. The treatment may combine medication and psychotherapy. The drug may be effective in 70-80% of children have increased the poorly focused. However, the need to monitor the side effects of medication and adjust the dose for each patient.

  1. Drug treatment

2.1. Drugs for mental stimulation (methylphenidate) are the drug of choice to treat ADHD symptoms.

2.2. Antidepressants 3 rounds: Imipramine, 1 mg/kg/day, divided into 2 times and increase gradually every 2-3 weeks to reach the maximum dose is 4 mg/kg/day.

  1. Psycho social interventions

3.1. Behavioral intervention in families: a guide to parents taking the form of rewards to encourage good behaviour and used form of punishment (isolated children in a quiet place) to reduce the bad behavior.

3.2. Intervention at the school: layout for children sitting in seats, teaching small splitted for receptive, given the clear and concise orders, limited light and noise in the classroom.

Treatment of ADHD syndrome - 2

Treatment of ADHD syndrome – 2

  1. Monitor

When to use antidepressants, the need to monitor the side effects as resentful, sleeplessness, fatigue, abdominal pain, dizziness, dry mouth, heart palpitations. Monitoring electrocardiogram and quantity of serum drug. After the dose stabilized, the patient re-examination appointments every 3 months.

The above method will help children quickly recovered when ADHD symptoms. Families need to have responsibility for the child can be educated and have fun every day.

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