The common expression in the depression

The common expression in the depression

  • Face sad, depressed, feel lonely, alone.
  • Loss of interest in life. Walking slowly, feeling of heaviness, fatigue, as no longer the health work, done lightweight also quickly tired, don’t like near his wife near her husband, see people, children at play also didn’t care.
  • Eat less, not delicious, lighter in the mouth.
  • Tossed trouble sleeping, wake up early, sleep cravings that can’t sleep, sometimes sleep but waking up is not good.
  • Head hard to concentrate, indecision is not “determination” is, no deal was.
  • Always laments headaches, fatigue, neck strain, heads down, chest presses suspenseful, massage the limbs because of aches, visit the doctor or buy medicines not yet.
  • There are people who are feeling anxious unjustly, obsessive illness ridiculous, there had been bouts of fears but very angry.
  • People’s communicating reluctantly, dodge visit, trying to keep doing all the work, thinking, feel deadlocked.
  • Self thinks bored life like an error with family, lost it, not by people, become useless, is not worth living, thinking and sometimes find ways to die.
The common expression in the depression - 1

The common expression in the depression – 1

Certain circumstances easily lead to depression

  • “Mental attacks”, the “shock” such as bereavement, work pressure, difficult too large, splintered pour career, discord continued.
  • Students, too many students work, nervousness, deficit, down and drowning slowly.
  • Older people expressed sorrow painfully, slowly, little says, forget; easy mistakes with elderly patients.
  • Who has passed through a period of mania: too confident, don’t need sleep, said quick, impulsive “wits” (bipolar disorder patient status). The disease of schizophrenia also has time with depression.
  • Immediately after childbirth, the percentage is not much but quite seriously, to early detection.

Things to do when you see the symptoms of depression

  • Do not consider mild symptoms of depression, please describe symptoms for friends, for family members.
  • When detecting people with depression must stabilize the spirit, learn, seek interest and specialist medical help soon will avoid bouts of depression, lost the spirit to insane.
  • Visit specialist doctors, medicine must also be monitored to prevent more severe symptoms.
The common expression in the depression - 2

The common expression in the depression – 2

Tips when to see a doctor

  • If the patient has suicidal attempt then to “emergency” nearest hospital.
  • The need to take the examination and treatment in the psychiatric specialists. Don’t waste time taking drugs from doctors not true specialists.
  • Specialist consulted explained that the mechanism, have experience choosing antidepressants, drugs known to regulate the status and anticipated adverse effects of medicines. There are many types of antidepressants, it should choose the right, taking the right strategy, post a new help from the rate high, less recurrence.


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