The bad effects of ADHD on the daily life of the child

If left untreated, ADHD can affect the normal development of the child in the family, social and best of all learning. Due to the inability to concentrate, children with ADHD often have poor academic performance in school. Children or interrupting, impulsive, cut when communication can cause trouble with friends, teachers. Even more worrying, ADHD also increases the risk of depression in childhood and the anxiety for the child.

The bad effects of ADHD on the daily life of the child - 1

The bad effects of ADHD on the daily life of the child – 1

How are treatment for children with ADHD using any method?

  • Use of medications for ADHD: some medications like Ritalin can help boost a child’s attention while the control doesn’t sit still and impulsive behavior. The study shows, these medications are effective for 70%-80% of patients even though the medicines also have some side effects. In addition, the drug Strattera was also selected for the treatment of ADHD for some children.
  • Counseling: counseling can help children with ADHD learn to handle frustration and build self-esteem. It also helps give young parents the child support strategy effectiveness. Studies have shown that long-term treatment with a combination of medications and counseling will be more effective than treatment only with medication.
  • Special education for children with ADHD: most children with ADHD learn in standard classes. This type of special education designed to meet exclusively for children who suffer from disabilities or behavioral disorders. However, not all children with ADHD are also eligible to attend this special education class.
  • Proposed timetables for: parents can support children by setting out the work to be done in the specific date for the children and eventually turned it into a child’s routine. Examples include writing a daily schedule reminders about what needs to be done in a given time. This can help children with ADHD with task. The schedule should include the specific time to wake up, eat, play, do homework, chores, and other fun activities and time for bed.
What is ADHD - 2

What is ADHD – 2

  • Diet for children with ADHD: studies on ADHD diet for childen believe that foods that are beneficial to the brain may reduce symptoms of ADHD. Include foods rich in protein such as meat, eggs, beans, nuts can improve this situation. Talk to the pediatrician before you make any changes from the diet for your child.
  • Say no to less nutritious food: while there is no evidence proving the road or the food additive is a cause for children with ADHD. But the parents of children who believe that the food preservatives and food colors such as red, yellow, sweet substance do these symptoms become worse. Therefore, you should avoid feeding the formula this product or eating properly.
  • Restricted view television: the link between television and children with ADHD are unclear, but the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that the parents should limit children’s exposure to television. In particular, discourage watching television with children under 2 years old and did not see more than 2 hours per day for older children.

To help children develop skills for care, attention, encourage your child to play activities such as games, arrange cubes, solve puzzles and reading.

How to prevented ADHD in children?

There is no way to prevent ADHD in children, but there are ways you can do to minimize risks. You can stop the chance for your child with ADHD not by living healthily during pregnancy such as avoiding the use of alcohol, drugs, smoking during pregnancy. Because if the pregnancy, you smoke will likely children with ADHD twice than when no smoking

Above are the effects and methods help to children not getting the disease ADHD. In addition to these measures, the parents should let children visits periodically and consistently communicate daily with the children to children without feeling lonely and wanted to live alone.

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