Symptoms of ADHD in children

There are 2 standard A or B to assess symptoms of ADHD

A. The existence of at least 6 attention symptoms during a minimum of 6 months, to the point where not adaptable and does not conform to the level of development:

  1. Often unable to focus more attention on the details or committed the mistake due to carelessness in their studies, work or other activities.
  2. Often difficulties in maintaining the possibility of attention at work or play.
  3. Often does not seem to listen when others speak directly.
  4. Often do not follow the guidelines or is unable to complete the work at school, work at home, or the responsibility of the workplace (not due to dissident behavior or do not have the ability to understand instructions).
  5. Often difficult to conduct organizational activities.
  6. Often dodge, don’t like, or are reluctant to join the work requires mental effort in the long time (as do my homework at school or homework).
  7. Often lost to the need for work or play (toys, educational tools, pencils, books).
  8. Often easily distracted by external stimuli.
  9. Often forget to do the daily work.
Symptoms of ADHD in children - 1

Symptoms of ADHD in children – 1

B. The existence of at least 6 symptoms of hyperactivity – ebullient during at least 6 months, so not adaptable and does not conform to the level of development:


  1. Limbs wiggle or squirm when seated.
  2. Often leaving seats in situations requiring to sit still.
  3. Usually running or climbing excessively in inappropriate situations (in adolescents and adults, this can limit at a level they feel restless).
  4. Usually at least join the game or recreational activities just gentle activities.
  5. Usually move or act as “flying motorcycle”.
  6. Usually talking too much.
Symptoms of ADHD in children - 3

Symptoms of ADHD in children – 3


  1. Often blurts answered when others have not given up the question
  2. Often difficult to wait your turn.
  3. Often interrupted or bother another person (interrupted the conversations or games).

In General, this is not the fault of the child, it is usually due to the disturbances of attention and the ability to refrain from birth. And progression of the disease is good or not depends very much on the attitude, with the help of the family, the school and society. Moreover, parents should get early detection of the disease expression to children are treated promptly. You should also compliment the child when they have good behavior, and often can prevent the improper behavior.

Symptoms of ADHD in children - 2

Symptoms of ADHD in children – 2

The school also has an important role in the treatment of ADHD symptoms in children. When kids come to class, parents should explain to the teacher why the concentration and memorization was worse than other children. And the time to focus on the class, the expression to behave properly and appropriately, such as waiting your turn, sharing toys, asked for help when being teased. Then, children will practice the things learned. There will be learning how to “read” other people’s emotions through face expressions, voice, from which children have the proper resistance.

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