Symptoms of ADHD adults

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the every common and dangerous problem of many people in the modern world. ADHD has been found not only in the young generation but also the older people. The article will give you some common symptoms of ADHD adults.

adhd ADHD adults

ADHD is the issue of both the children and the adults. If you suffer it from childhood, you can possibly continue have some symptoms into adulthood. And to those who are not affected by ADHD in childhood, they might have less chance to suffer it when they are mature. About 60% of children who have been ADHD since the childhood will continue to have ADHD symptoms as adults. In the US, nearly 4.4% of the older population – about 8 million adults has ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD might be very different when you become older.

  1. Causes of ADHD in adults
  2. Symptoms and signs of adults with ADHD

1. Causes of ADHD in adults

The myths surrounding ADHD usually begins with the origin of this situation. Many people believe that children with the disorder by taking in too much sugar or too much TV watching. In truth, the only thing that seems clear about this situation is it is genetics and development in children. Properly diagnosed ADHD adults can identify the symptoms in their childhood left undiagnosed. This situation is now often diagnosed in children, especially in boys.

Other myths claim that ADHD is brought about by conditions other mental health. While the disorder can coexist with depression or bipolar disorder, there is little evidence that the state of coexistence causes ADHD. The condition can appear as single mental problems. However, this is often not the case.

The possible causes of ADHD can be:

Genes: ADHD has a close relation with genes. ADHD adults are four time to have a family member who can be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. The professionals in ADHD are investigating genes especially the genes with the brain chemical dopamine. The level of the dopamine in the brain of adults with ADHD is a bit lower than the normal people.

MHG229_brain-causes-adhd_FSADHD adults

Furthermore, the version of ADHD adults brain is not as thin as the other. However, the brain structure are not permanent, it can be changed when people grow up. Although we are still diagnosed with ADHD are three times more common in boys than girls, by constant price adult sex becomes more equal. This indicates that we are still being diagnosed the girl. This is most likely due to the fact that women tend to be diagnosed with the subtype mainly inattention with less hyperactive and impulsive. Although hyperactivity and impulsivity warn teachers and parents to a potential case of ADHD and earlier diagnosis, it is the difficulty with regulation of attention, found in both subgroups common cause the greatest degree of difficulty in learning. Many ADHD adults are women and young children in mind spend most of their time in class day dreaming, being unable to tune out and focus on learning. Women tend to be diagnosed later in life.

ADHD adults

Female ADHD adults tend to be diagnosed with depression than the male ADHD patients. Sometimes, this can cause depression along with their ADHD and should be dual diagnosis, but other times doctors are not trained in ADHD misunderstand the difficulties such as depression rather than major subtype is missing focus of ADHD. Although both men and women equally presented coexist with anxiety disorders and depression, women suffer the psychological pain and low self-esteem. Studies have shown that women are five times more than men to be diagnosed with depression and three times more likely to get treatment for depression before their diagnosis of ADHD. Disorders co-exist popular supplements in women compulsive overeating, chronic lack of sleep, chronic stress and fibromyalgia. Hormonal changes can cause more difficulties due to ADHD symptoms increased as estrogen decreases. This also makes the therapy more challenging. When untreated, men with ADHD showed a higher rate of crime and abuse. Symptom intensity and symptom subtypes did not differ between men and women.

Nutrition and food: the food with additives and sugar can have impacts on behavior. ADHD is believed to be exacerbated by the food additives while sugar can be the root of a range of abnormal behaviors. Nevertheless, the theory that sugar is the cause of attention deficit disorder hyperactive has not been proved. Some studies show the close link between ADHD and sugar while some others do not.

ADHD adults

In addition, the lack of omega-3 fatty acids is suggested to be the cause of ADHD symptoms. The development and the function of the brain require these fats. Many researches find that the deficiency can contribute the developmental disorders especially ADHD.

Other possible causes: the brain injury might be the cause of ADHD in adults, the exposure to toxins or physical harm can create the symptoms of ADHD. Additionally, the environment can also cause ADHD symptoms. Living in toxic or living with smokers can increase the chance to suffer ADHD.

2. Symptoms and signs of ADHD adults

The symptoms of ADHD adults are more difficult to define due to the lack of the study into ADHD adults. It is believed that the ADHD cannot develop in adults if it does not start in the childhood. However, the symptoms of ADHD can continue from the childhood to the teenage years and toward the adulthood. Adults with ADHD can have many emotional problems as depression or dyslexia, which has already appeared in the childhood.

ADHD adults

Adult ADHD symptoms often are different from the symptoms of children; they can be very distracted and impulsive, and not blatantly hyperactive. Typically, the most prominent features in ADHD adults are difficulties with the operation (the ability to divert the attention, inhibit inappropriate behavior, decision making, and strategic conversion problem solving strategies). This important function affects individuals in all aspects of their lives and may reduce their ability to structure their lives and plan even simple tasks daily.

  • Disorganized and difficult to task completion: the life of ADHD adults seems to be chaotic and get out of control easily. ADHD adults will have the serious problems in organizing things, prioritizing the things they need to do. Keeping track of task and other responsibilities, time management can be the big trouble.

alg-ADHD adults-distracted-jpg – Poor organizational skills

– Chronic procrastination or trouble started

– Working on multiple projects simultaneously

– Trouble with follow through on promises or commitments

– Changing plans, issuing new schemes or career plans and future

Difficult restructuring period and establishing priorities (for example, chronic tardiness)

  • Impulsivity: this type of symptoms makes the adults find it difficult to inhibiting your behaviors, comments and responses. Adults with ADHD will have tendency act without considering consequences. People around ADHD adults will feel annoyed, interrupted and receive the blurted comments. The details are:

article-ADHD adults– A tendency to say what comes to mind without considering the time or the suitability of the comments

– The difficulty with self-control

– Spontaneous, push-of-the-moment act or opinion

– Frequently interrupting others when they are speaking

– A tendency toward addictive behavior

  • Hyperactivity or restlessness: the ADHD adults have the same symptoms of hyperactivity with the kids. ADHD adults can be over energetic and perpetually driven by the motor. The common symptoms of hyperactivity in adults are:

– Agitation, feeling of inner restlessness

– Take risks

– Easily get bored

– Doing many things at once

  • Trouble concentrating and staying focused: adults with ADHD  often meet the trouble in concentrate in their daily and mundane tasks. ADHD adults can be distracted by the tiny sounds and irrelevant sights, move quickly from on activity to other and even got bored quickly.

ADHD adults– Distracted easily, hard to stay on track

– Bad at listening

– Ignore the details, leading to errors and unfinished tasks

– Can’t complete a task even a simple one

– Easily distracted, difficulty concentrating attention

Hyper focus: many ADHD adults have trouble with focusing on tasks and their surroundings. However, many of them tend to be absorbed in tasks which are stimulating and rewarding. Hyper focus really a coping mechanism for undisturbed a way to tune out the chaos. It can be so strong that you become oblivious everything happening around them.

  • The relationship between individuals

ADHD adults often have difficulty keep the relationships close, such as the spouse or lover. This can be exacerbated by the stress of everyday life and responsibilities that can become overwhelming people with ADHD. Maintain a steady job, pay your bills on time and problems with children with ADHD can wreak havoc and trigger other acts related to the disease. ADHD adults are twice as divorce as those without it. It is not the disease that caused the divorce.

  • Focus on issues:

Some common signs of ADHD adults

ADHD adults

ADHD causes many individuals have difficulty focusing on a single issue. This can lead to a lack of success on the job because of inability to meet the deadline or in the task. It can also be detrimental to the relationship because of inability to honor a commitment or a target. Spouses may interpret this as a lack of concern about personal relationships ADHD but cannot understand why partner is uncomfortable. The other side is lack of concentration for ADHD adults are excessively concentrated, to almost a compulsion. These people become so focused on a specific task that they lose everything. Especially in a situation where the ADHD adults may be responsible for minding the children or some similar tasks, their excessive focus can be dangerous.

  • Listening Skills

ADHD may be responsible for poor listening skills, which relates to the inability to concentrate. It is common for people with this disorder are unable to hear or follow a conversation or presentation lasts. This is particularly problematic in the work situation and could lead to an unstable work history. Another aspect of poor listening skills is that the ADHD adults often interrupt others when they are speaking. Although this may seem rude, it might be because he was afraid they cannot remember what they want to say.

  • Prioritizing:

ADHD adults

Many ADHD adults  have problems setting priorities. Whether it is due to inability to concentrate, lack of short-term memory or obsession with a mediocre, inability to priority can cause problems both at work and at home. Individuals will spend a significant amount of time focusing on one small point, while completely ignoring the greater scope and the task will not be completed in time. ADHD is a serious disorder can significantly affect a person’s life and if not treated, it can harm have serious consequences. It can also lead to reduced life expectancy.

Since the symptoms mimic other disorders, it is imperative that the diagnosis of ADHD is made by highly experienced professionals who have been trained to recognize the disorder.

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