Signs of ADHD symptoms

ADHD symptoms

As the name already shows us, the ADHD symptoms are of two types: (1) lack of attention and (2): Too hyperactive and impulsive. Children are defined disease as ADHD when there are at least 6 symptoms in each type and these symptoms must occur in at least two places, usually at school and at home. If a child is “naughty” at school, but is docile at home, you should not find the ADHD symptoms.

1) Signs of lack of attention:

  • Usually not paying attention to the details, often do these bugs do not be careful in the work or other activities.
  • Do not keep my attention long ago while playing a game or doing any work.
  • Often seems not to hear when others tell it, that does not pay attention to the words others say.
  • Don’t listen to detailed instructions and not finished or in other jobs.
  • Often lack brains work.
  • Often avoid or don’t like to do things that need attention so long as exercises in school or at home.
  • Often losing belongings like books, pens, toys…
  • Easy to worry.
  • Always forget.
Signs of ADHD symptoms

Signs of ADHD symptoms

2) Signs too hyperactive and impulsive

  • Limbs are often active and not standing, sitting still.
  • Often give it go outside where the classroom or theatres, places to sit still for long and long-term attention.
  • Running jump, climb in inappropriate places. The older children in adolescence did not climb, but would feel uncomfortable, don’t sit still is.
  • Do not play a quiet.
  • Always seems busy or like being twisted treadmill.
  • Talking non-stop.
  • Do not wait for your turn.
  • Often interrupt others or interfere in a work or games or something.

The majority of ADHD children do not have all the symptoms mentioned above. In addition, boys and girls often have different ADHD symptoms. Boys are often more susceptible to more hyperactive, while girls often suffer from lack of attention. Young girls often do not pay attention to dreams, a young son when no attention is usually felt restless, fidgety. Young boys often do not hear the teacher or greater. Therefore, they can easily be “noticed” more.

Signs of ADHD in adults

ADHD symptoms always start from childhood and may persist into adulthood. Three main groups of symptoms are (1) lack of attention, (2) too hyperactive and (3) act outbreak, frivolity… also appear in adults. However, the majority of adults with ADHD often only 1 or 2 groups of symptoms, rarely have all three.

Adults suffering from attention deficit ADHD symptoms often daydream when sitting in class lecture or in the meetings and often failed to complete the work assigned. Adults have hyperactive won’t run, jump as a child, but at least when sitting in the theater, movie or listen to music is also sitting there, or change the place, type limbs, distorted.  Adults suffering from impulsive hardly wait queue or encounter a traffic jam are very uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous things to do. Adults with ADHD often feel sad suddenly, hot temper, not to tolerate stress and often do not contact with anybody long term.

First of all, want to diagnose this disease is not easy, because much mistaken with other psychological disorders. So, before this condition, diagnosis doctor need to do more for children with different tests. First tests are related to the development of advocacy and child’s mind. Psychological tests and neuron psychology also need to be reviewed to check intelligence as well as the child’s academic ability. Finally, do not forget to ask about the current difficulties that children suffer.

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