The prevention of mental health problems (part 1)

The prevention of mental health problems (part 1)

  1. Therapeutic interventions

Most of these interventions to improve health, use only the more limited approach is the basic approach. Intervene mainly therapy, although conducted outside the traditional Department or in the new populations. Innovative development is working with people who are at risk of experiencing mental health problems, early detection and treatment of such issues, and consultation services of therapy in the community, in the clinic or the work environment. Other interventions to prevent relapse in people who have been identified as having mental health problems and those that are in the health care services (Secker, 1998). In other words, preventing attempts to focus on the social health services, healthcare services, geared towards individuals and put an end to the chain of intervening.

The prevention of mental health problems part 1 - 1

The prevention of mental health problems part 1 – 1

  1. Use of the mass media

An important exception to the approach taking individuals as the focus of the program on the media is used to educate and influence people with or vulnerable to mental health problems. For four people, one who is experiencing mental health problems during their lives, of which there are very few people who are professional assistance (Jerkins and Cs. 1998). Diversified communications system can provide the means to reach those individuals like that. Barker and Cs. (1993) gave a typical example of this approach. They record the results of a series of seven programs – 10 minutes on the subject of mental health is different. A referendum poll shows viewers watching the series which brings about changes in the attitudes that are not yet on the behavior: can be as predicted, it’s due to the brevity of each theme.

The prevention of mental health problems part 1 - 2

The prevention of mental health problems part 1 – 2

Bennett and Cs. (1991) has confirmed the effectiveness of a larger TV series “Manual of alcohol is beneficial”, aimed the drink. The program is designed to attract those young drinkers. The characters in the media as well as the experts have analyzed the viewers about the meaning of reasonable drinking and provide proper drinking patterns. Such as Rowan Atkinson gave the Board prompted a humor about the limits of reasonable alcohol each week. One of the presenters don’t even have reduced their energy consumption after the course. The survey before and after the course to see the common understanding of people about drinking just right. This has led to a mild transformation of the attitudes of the people from drinking plenty to drink less.

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