Should not the subjective with the weird signs in children with ADHD

Should not the subjective with the weird signs in children with ADHD

When using orange medicine (or traditional medical) to apply for the child or for a drink, a lot of parents see children with strange signs like eat is vomiting; sleep is unpleasant or sweating thief is subjectively think is should normally not take timely investigations. There are also many cases of children can often be a parent take a visit but don’t find out the disease. Until the nephew suffered seizures and had to move up the hospital in Hanoi, the doctors concluded that she suffered from lead poisoning due to ingestion of orange medicine.

In fact, there are very older infected lead but the symptom is not clear as just vomit; sweating thief; sleep startled; fever; seizures…

The doctor recommends, the parents, when older diseases lightly as the tongue is white then just taking the honey, water and tea to brush the tongue for the child, if not all, should go to the medical establishment to be doctor drug fair, absolutely do not take drugs, as drugs of unknown origin for the child.

In addition, also could not ignore the risk of lead poisoning from daily life activities, rather than just by drinking orange medical. Children can also suffer from lead poisoning due to entrapment of toys containing lead. In particular, chronic lead poisoning caused by eating the canned food made of tin and lead, drinking water through lead pipes leaden, inhaling dust, lead and its compounds in the paint factory, as the battery…

To avoid lead poisoning that need attention to improve working conditions, minimize the amount of dust lead and its compounds penetrate the body. Parents should note living accessories (such as glass, glass sinks, plastic children’s toys… or colourful theatrical picture) view containing lead are too limited to allow. Parents also need to enhance protection of children with poisoned substances from choosing toys for children. Best not to select toys paint colors showy, flashy.

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