The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease

The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease


ADHD and disruptive behaviors: coordination between ADHD and disruptive behaviors, in about 7 years old had about 54-67% of the children are sent to clinical examination and have ADHD and oppositional defiant was diagnosed well disorders. There are about 20-50% of children will have conduct disorder comes in the teens (about 8-9 years) and about 45-50% of children are diagnosed as conduct disorder in adolescence. As adults, the disorder behavior still exists about 26% of the cases.

ADHD and conduct disorder early onset often in men than women. If there are problems that come will make children more difficult in making contact with friends, teachers, parents, and in other places. Boys are diagnosed with ADHD behavior aggressiveness comes also prone to depression and low self-esteem than male children with ADHD but no act of aggression. Children have ADHD and conduct disorder is much at risk of drug use in adolescence and criminal action in adulthood (Satterfield & Schnell, 1997).

The genetic and environmental factors that can contribute to eating disorders associated with ADHD.

The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease - 1

The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease – 1


– ADHD and anxiety disorders: there’s the overlap between ADHD and anxiety disorders in the range from 10-40% of these children to the clinical examination. Unlike eating disorders behave, the presence of anxiety disorders tends to reduce the intensity of the negative effects of this disorder. Especially children have ADHD and anxiety comes there will be more foreign goods acts (acts of aggression. ..) and less impulsive than. In this way, anxiety seems to relieve symptoms of ADHD. Child of type less attention often have anxiety comes over (Milich, Lynam, Balantine, 2001).

Anxiety disorders that can accompany ADHD, diagnosed with traumatic stress post discrimination disorder (PTSD: post-traumatic stress disorder) is very important, ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder have many of the symptoms are the same as real, poorly noticeable, and difficulty concentrating. So thoroughly identified as 2 this disorder is treated in two different directions, so always have to evaluate whether there are present both to the psychological or emotional trauma in young no doubt have ADHD (Kerig, Fedorowicz, Brown & Warren, 2000).

– ADHD and bipolar disorder: depression can occur in both heavy and lightweight form, at the rate of about 20-30%, if there is another disorder that comes more risk factor would be higher, for example, if there are disturbances accompanying behaviour, and these are complex cases. Bipolar disorder (Bipolar disorder) may also be included, but the question is difficult to discern because the symptoms are the same used for the diagnosis of these two disorders.

The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease - 2

The issue comes up and the diagnosis to differentiate ADHD disease – 2


– ADHD and learning disorders: 19-26% of kids have ADHD will be hard enough to diagnose learning disorders and is approximately 80% of children with learning disorders are young enough to be backwards two layers than older same age (Barley, 2003). Low academic results are natural consequences of the disorder is less important because due to the difficulty in maintaining attention on the mission, prone to daydreaming, not according to the instructions and have problems in the organization of work. Also has small but meaningful between low IQ and bipolar disorder increased activity-impulsive, this also played a role in reducing school performance.

There are 2 ways to make kids with ADHD have difficulty in achieving good results: the first is that the symptoms of ADHD increases risk of having behavioral problems in the classroom, this leads to the problem of learning. The second is poorly on cognitive impairment associated with ADHD include poor attention, poor intelligence, weakness of functional practice also directly influence school performance.

– The development issues are included: children with ADHD often have problems in some areas of development such as children often have difficulty in coordinating the mobilization of essential and rough, not explainable through word of mouth, the practical functions such as planning and organization, fluency of language, and regulate emotions. Children also often have social problems like expression with teachers, parents and friends according to how unpleasant interactions such as infringing on others, demanding, negative and overly emotional (Barkley, 2003).

The acts are included may not yet qualified to diagnose the disorder comes up but the this property can increase the risk of having the deal negatively skewed response, and pathological mind development are included.

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