How to identify attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

(ADHD) rate from 3-6% in children. This situation occurs quite early, most visible in children 5-12 years old, when entering school age and more common in boys.

How to identify attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder - 1

How to identify attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder – 1

The expression of ADHD:

  • Hyperactivity: the child dancing limbs, running jump repeatedly, this proceeding directly to working other jobs. In class, children can’t sit still in a seat at the other and you often have to touch this friend, poke that friend. The child does not always break limbs.
  • Attention deficit: child hard to concentrate on learning, working, living, even fun. The child is prone to distraction by the stimuli around, didn’t listen to others speak, hard focused homework or to forget and lost belongings.

From these two expressions will coordinate and show together, the level reflected more or less depending on each child. These were mostly hyperactive, These were mostly attention deficit. The exact cause of ADHD syndrome has not been determined, but some experts say children with ADHD syndrome may be caused by one of the following:

  • Due to genetics.
  • Complications at birth or because of exposure to toxic substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) while still a fetus.
  • Due to psychological (mental disorders, abuse, unhappy family).
What is ADHD - 2

What is ADHD – 2

In addition to the above expression, in order to correctly identify their child have been ADHD or not, parents should take children to Hospital Pediatric to medical examination and treatment.

Children in need of protection and care. When you see the sign as above, parents should take children to the doctor and proper treatment. Always talk to young to understand more about what the children wanted to express. This will help children to not feel alone and help children more active, more confident when communicating with people.

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