How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD?

How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD?

Exercise, especially regular programs on time and positive, can reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Investing for your children to the sports class or culture fascinating.

Some children with ADHD develop well with the individual sport needs the focus of high spirits, such as physical education, Visual Arts, martial arts, fencing, rather than team sports, may have more downtime. Fitness exercises can strengthen the focus and the neurotransmitters, as well as reduce depression, anxiety, and promotes the development of the brain.

How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD - 1

How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD – 1

Your ADHD child care with the exercise. Putnam believes that aerobics lessons are effective to the brain as well as the drug Ritalin and other psychiatric effects substances (drugs). He suggested setting up fitness programs appeal to your child and seem to create change for the ADHD symptoms. Exercise is the treatment of choice for ADHD healthy which may have many other positive impacts to the physical and mental health of the child.

A child actually called suffer ADHD when they encounter difficulties in manners in the age before going to school, usually from the age of 2. If the child’s behaviour with bipolar disorder does not focus-hyperactive appear after 5 years, then you look for the causes of outside influences, such as food poisoning; violating children’s body or psychological problems.

“If we train the brain adapts to the constant movement and light blink of continual, with the angle of rotation turns continuously as in the video game, then when the kids to class where the teacher taught slowly, kids will hardly focus my attention on that”, Professor of Psychology Douglas Gentile, identified.

Working together with children

In the process, parents can ask questions to help kids think better trend. Openness in the process of discussion also helps parents closer to their children. In particular, do not order but please ask questions that will help him/her and discuss in depth. It should keep the playful during the chat with the baby. Though suffering from lead poisoning in high or low concentrations will also affect health, especially small children. Severe lead contamination, toxic waste is not timely to leave harmful sequelae. They will lead infection decreased intelligence, dwarfism, possibility thinking disorder, struggled.

How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD - 2

How can fitness exercises help children with ADHD – 2

In particular, the concentration of lead in the blood are correlated with IQ of children with infectious blood lead concentrations, higher IQ will be reduced. To remove lead from the body must have the long-term course of treatment because lead has a very long half-life can be up to several dozen years.

According to Associate Professor Hong Thu, Deputy Director of antitrust (Bach Mai hospital) was in the know, apart from the harmful effects of lead contamination above, can also affect the genital organs of children. Half-life of the lead is very long, especially in the case of lead was attached to the bone.

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