Describe the clinical characteristics of patients with ADHD

Describe the clinical characteristics of patients with ADHD

– The excessive activities: Older continually operating dance, limbs, running jump, climb, not sit still a place, often moving from activity to activity more…

– The concentration of poor attention: difficulty in maintaining attention ability in learning, work, daily activities and even have fun. Patients of ADHD often do not listen when others speak directly or give answers before listening to all questions; could not complete the homework at school and at home; easily distracted by the stimuli around him; or to forget and lost belongings.

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Patients with ADHD suffer in troubled relationships with brothers and sisters in the family and with all the other kids at school, neighborhood, or in public places. ADHD children who have problems in terms of the ability to focus attention usually associated with difficulty in learning. The urge, rushing overwhelm (a characteristic of ADHD syndrome) can cause them to encounter the trouble or danger to themselves. By the child with ADHD syndrome have difficulty in controlling the behavior itself should under the eyes of everyone they were thought to be “the kids don’t listen to adults” or “bad kids”.

We must note that ADHD is not just the direct impact syndrome for children who suffer, but also the people who live around them. If no timely intervention as soon as they found out that the more severe symptoms will develop and that will lead to other serious problems, affecting the life of the patients with ADHD, such as poor academic results in the school, in trouble with the law, failed relationships, social interactions, and the inability to maintain a job.

– Coordinate, control of movements less: active patients with ADHD with instant impulse, often loud, disturbing or excessive to others.

– The other behavior disorders come in as: sleep disorder (usually older is difficult to go to sleep), generalized anxiety disorder and so on.

– These disorders may be more or less depending on the patients with ADHD individually and the surroundings affect the child. The above mentioned disorders happen everywhere (at home, school, hospital, public places, etc…), in all circumstances, in all relationships over a period lasting at least 6 months.

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ADHD usually appears early in a child’s development process (typically in the first 5 years of life). The level varies with each individual, but tends to decrease (at least on the issue of advocacy) teenager. In fact, the young patients with ADHD is often difficult to the school environment. These children often boost acting foolish, lack of control and or to an accident. Itself often in violation of discipline by the lack of respect for the rules of the family and in schools. Violation of this discipline often by older quickly forgotten and missing limb thinking rather than deliberately opposed. In social relationships, immature patients of ADHD often lack of restraint, not cautious, often disturbing other children should not be admitted and isolated. The shortcomings in terms of cognitive function – mobility leads to developmental disorders of language, academic potential, disorder anti – social behavior.

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