Brain scans detected early ADHD syndrome

Brain scans detected early ADHD syndrome

According to a new study, physicians can diagnose early attention – deficit hyperactivity disorder-ADHD in children with a simple brain scan technique.

This is a breakthrough in the treatment of ADHD syndrome after scientists found the brains of these children with this syndrome develop slower than their age peers.

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ADHD syndrome

Accordingly, the brains of children with ADHD have the connection “juvenile” in the area of controlling the inner thoughts (which allows them to focus on the external job). The researchers said this may help explain why people with ADHD are often easily distracted or are desperately trying to focus mentally.

This new discovery may allow doctors to use images of brain scans to diagnose ADHD syndrome and monitoring the response of the patient in the treatment process.

Currently, the syndrome of ADHD in children only to be diagnosed with pediatric or psychiatrist based on the discussed or observed symptoms in older children. Meanwhile, the diagnosis is based on the “biological markers” (measurable signs of disease/syndrome) has not been used for ADHD or any other psychiatric condition.

The research team analyzed the brain scan images of 275 adolescents with ADHD and 48 healthy people. They found there is “latency” in the development of connections in the area controls the inner thoughts and the outside control.

Brain scans detected early ADHD syndrome - 1

Brain scans detected early ADHD syndrome – 1

These findings can help further research on ADHD development from childhood to adulthood. Some people develop this condition as a child, while others were throughout adulthood.

Dr. Chandra Sripada – Department of Psychiatry, Michigan university, said: “we are interested in finding out the nervous mechanism of ADHD in the hopes that this can contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease better… The particular note that, we found the area slowly develops in people with ADHD is related to the expression of the syndrome”.

He added: “the results of research to create the premise for the next stage to check the separate components of the network of slow development”. He said that can use this method to check for other mental conditions, including autism and schizophrenia.

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