Boys, that suffer ADHD when raised will overweight

Boys, that suffer ADHD when raised will overweight

The boys suffer ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) seem to be overweight as adults.

– Men each has ADHD usually weigh an average of 19 pounds, heavier than those who have never suffered from symptoms.

– 41% of those with ADHD took part in the study were obese, compared with 22% of those who do not suffer from this disease.

– Possibly because those with ADHD is impulsive and because they tend to spend a lot of time to watch more television.

Apparently the boys had ADHD will grow up and become obese as adults, more than children who do not suffer from this disease, a study said.


The researchers surveyed two groups of men aged 41 and found those, who used to suffer more severe ADHD on average is about 19 pounds than those who have never suffered from the symptoms mentioned above.

“Now, there have been enough studies to show the connection between the two disorders”, said Dr. Sherry Pagoto, who has researched ADHD and obesity at the University of Massachusetts said.

Data for this study came from 207 white boys suffer ADHD in the USA, the boys have been taken to a hospital for research as they are about 8 years old and watched as these children grow up.

Ten years later, a team of young teens being suffer ADHD, similar to the boy involved in the beginning, were added to the study.

Over time, they recommended the report weighed when 41 years old, 111 men in each group remain involved in research.

The man was seen suffer ADHD reported that their average weight about 213 pounds and 41% of which were obese.

Meanwhile, the man does not suffer from ADHD weighed an average of 194 pounds, and 22% of them being obese, Dr. Xavier Castellanos from the child study center at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York said.

“As we learn more about the areas of the brain may be linked to obesity, these areas coincided with the region of the brain associated with ADHD”, Dr. Castellanos told Reuters Health magazine. “Systems of reward (reward system) appear to be associated with both conditions”.

Boys, that suffer ADHD when raised will overweight

Boys, that suffer ADHD when raised will overweight


He further explained: “There are speculations that obesity is at least partly reflects a number of impulsive, poorly planned and difficulties in creating the choice often come with ADHD”.

Dr. Pagoto, who was not involved in the new research agreed that young people suffer from this disorder may be more impulsive when it comes to choosing their food, and also spend more time sitting in front of TV screens than others.

“Parents of children who suffer ADHD should pay special attention to the child’s weight over time because we know that children, who are at an increased risk of obesity are very high”, said Dr. Pagoto.

If the child has a higher obesity risk attached to it many other risks, such as diabetes type 2, she added.

Contrary to the hypothesis of the research team, it was detected that the men have no symptoms of ADHD as a child are also particularly likely to suffer from obesity.

Dr. Pagoto concurred that the results really surprised and said that this research is simply too small to give reliable differences in the mature ones have ever been  ADHD.

According to the Center for Disease control and prevention of the USA, one-tenth of children and adolescents in the USA are diagnosed with ADHD. Which of the boys is diagnosed about twice the number of girls.

Dr. Castellanos suggests that parents of children with ADHD suffer pay attention to control their children, to make sure they are exercising fully, and helping them cut the sugary drinks, foods that contain more calories.

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