Does ADHD medicine cause addiction?

This article is aimed at offering the general information about ADHD medicine for those who are facing up with ADHD.

The most effective treatment for ADHD patients is ADHD medicine,  especially for the children. However, their parents of the ADHD children are sick with the worry that whether their children will be addicted to the medicine or not. The recent researches have encouraged the hope of these parents a lot when proclaiming that the addiction is impossible. T-AdhdMed-enHD-AR1

The risk of addiction does not come from the ADHD medication. The study on animal in 1990s firstly supported the theory that treating ADHD with stimulants cannot lead to addiction. Then in 2013, the study of UCLA shows that the ADHD kids from 8 to 20 years old using medication treatments do not present any increase or decrease of the risk at becoming a drug addiction.


Furthermore, the kids are pulled to be addicted by ADHD not by the ADHD medicine. One group of researcher from Harvard Medical School has done a study on the adolescent for four years. There are 4 groups: the boys taking ADHD medication, the boys taking no ADHD treatment and the boys without ADHD. The results are positive. The ADHD kids taking medication treatment have lower rates of addiction than the ADHD students who did not take.

The drugs make the children addicted only when they take more medication than the dose. In other words, the ADHD children can stay aside the addiction if they follow the right schedule of drugs.


However, the overuse of medication can be seriously considered. The children can make use of medicines to improve their school performance by increasing the dosage although medicines are useless in this area. The close guardians should be made to keep the ADHD children under control. The dosing time should be the time at home, or if the ADHD children have to take at school, they should be strictly given and watched by the school personnel.

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