ADHD may be just due to lack of sleep

ADHD cause may be just due to lack of sleep

An American physician estimate, over 1/3 of the children and 1/4 of adults diagnosed with ADHD really only have problems sleeping.

Insomnia, especially in children, not as people think – cause lethargy, which is very similar to ADHD, symptoms include hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, aggressive and forgetful.

The similarity between symptoms, along with a lack of understanding of many physicians about sleep disorders, is the cause of confusion in the diagnosis in some patients, Vatsal Thakkar, a clinical professor of Psychiatry at the Medical Center at New York University (USA) said.

ADHD causes disorders of attention, interest and impulsive. There are about 5% of British children are thought to suffer and are prescribed the drugs for treatment, an increase of 70% from 2005 to 2011.

ADHD may be just due to lack of sleep - 1

ADHD may be just due to lack of sleep – 1


Specify to use Ritalin – the most popular drugs for ADHD, has increased fourfold in the last decade. ADHD is diagnosed at age 3-7 and then detected in men with fourfold woman. Half of these cases this condition survives till adulthood.

But now, some experts question whether ADHD cause is actually from poor sleep quality. Many studies have shown that many children with ADHD also have difficulty breathing while sleeping as snoring and apnea and potentially disrupt deep sleep. This type of sleep starting about 30-50 minutes after we fall asleep. Kids need sleep deeply for the development and rational growth.

A study, published in 2004 in the journal sleep, consider the 34 children with ADHD. All of which suggests that the lack of deep sleep, compared to only a handful in the young group does not have the disorder.

Meanwhile, a study with over 11,000 youngsters in Britain announced last year that the children have problems breathing during sleep at birth are more likely to experience difficulties in the later acts. 20-60% of this child behavior problems at the age of 4 and 40-100% had similar problems at the age of 7. Notably, when the sleep disorder is resolved, the problem behavior due to ADHD causes may disappear.

A study published in the journal Paediatric 2006 suggests removing the tonsils to improve sleep apparently also chased bay ADHD symptoms. A year after surgery, half the children had been diagnosed with ADHD had no symptoms.

The theory of Professor Thakkar is many sleep specialists in the UK support. They said that no coincidence that the increase in people diagnosed with ADHD in the 90s – when people sleep less.

ADHD may be just due to lack of sleep - 2

ADHD may be just due to lack of sleep – 2

The latest statistics show that the number of adults slept less 7 hours per night increased from 2% in 1960 to more than 35% in 2011. According to Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert of the United Kingdom, today’s children are sleeping less than an hour compared to 100 years ago. Many older 10 years have not been advised to get enough 10 hours each night.

The distracted by the TV shows 24 hours a day, the games on your PC and your mobile phone is a critical factor because they not only stirs the mind, but also blocks the production of melatonin – a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles and wake up. The light-sensitive cells at the back of the eyes more sensitive to light emanating from the screen what the body thought is still the morning, thus breaking the production of melatonin.

“Said any parents would depict a child lacking sleep and will see the characteristics which are not different from ADHD symptoms” Dr. Neil Stanley says.

According to him, some perfectly normal kids, for whatever reason that chronic sleep loss, was diagnosed as ADHD. Many doctors also have very little knowledge about sleep disorders. Moreover, it would be easier for doctors tell parents that their children have the disease than children just need more sleep.

“Some children can be diagnosed easily. But with insomnia patients are misdiagnosed with ADHD-thousands of people only sleep less but are treated with the drugs being produced to control or change behavior in the morning. Moreover, drug treatment for ADHD can have side effects, including loss of appetite, stomachache and a handful are heart problems, chest, liver problems and want to die” the doctor said.

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