ADHD – a new study

ADHD – a new study

 People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have highly innovative.

A new study has indicated possible young people with ADHD have more creativity than those without ADHD.

Researchers at Michigan university and Eckerd university also found that individuals preferred different thinking styles. They love to arise out of ideas, but the finish is not good.

Lead author Holly White, a Professor of psychology at Eckerd, and Priti Shah, a professor at the U-M, have multiplied their study from 2006, and the results are found to be individuals achieve better performance with the tests according to the innovation criteria.

Previous research involving individuals focus on measuring innovation test method in the laboratory.

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“We know that individuals with ADHD did better – according to the measurements in the laboratory for different ways of thinking, but we do not know if in fact, what results achieved. The current research shows that it, “Shah said.

To think according to the different direction in relation to the creation of a number of possible solutions for a problem.

ADHD is a disorder that involves the nervous system: inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Most individuals with the disorder at children and survive into adulthood. It degrade the ability of that person to regulate the education and society.

Sixty college students completed by one questionnaire on the level of achievement in relation to creation in 10 domains, such as humor, music, visual arts, culinary arts and writing. People with this illness achieve higher test scores than the individuals without the disorder.

The different questions to assess the preferences of respondents according to the creative styles: clarifies – who laid out and structure problems, creators – who wanted to create the ideas, developer – who built or improved in ideas and solutions, and the implementers – who have incorporated a quintessential idea into a product or solution in the end.

Who do not have like engaging the issues were clear and develop the ideas already available. Individuals with ADHD like style arose out of new ideas. Find creative styles that can help define occupations fit the strengths and weaknesses of individuals with ADHD, the researchers said.

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The researchers also note that their results may be in part due to test where the student at the university, who can be a single group with ADHD have the motivation and success. They did, however, make sure that the participants have ADHD and non-ADHD in school achievement test evenness.

The personal academic success can be useful from the understanding that there may be other offset to balance in life with ADHD. Along with efforts to overcome the difficulties in planning, attention, and impulsive, they probably took advantage of the power of their creation, Shah said.

These findings appeared in the issues of personality and different personalities.

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