The chief purpose of ADHD reference is to provide users with the useful information of ADHD. We offer credible information, supportive communities and in-depth reference material about ADHD. In the partnership with individuals, families, doctors, teachers, journalists and other agencies, ADHD reference serve to:

  • Create the improvement in ADHD lives through better understanding and management of ADHD.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of human about ADHD.
  • Bring about optimistic change and inclusion within policy and practice.
  • Support family, schools and other professionals who work with ADHD patients.
  • Offer the interactive tools for the ADHD patients to share about their issues.
  • The ADHD reference works in unique way. We work in partnership with those living with ADHD, making them aware of ADHD and then help the ADHD patients to manage.

On this site, we gather a group of prominent psychologists, dedicated content creation, expert commentary and volunteers. Our content creators include the professionals in medical illustration and health communications and the individuals who hold the advanced degrees in journalism. Moreover, the interviews with the ADHD patients are hold regularly to gain the real data used for the articles.

With the hope to improve the comprehensive understanding of ADHD, all of us at ADHD reference are dedicated to offer the quality health information and uphold the integrity of our editorial process.